The SCOUSER AND THE SCOT TV SHOW is a YouTube show where people from the music industry chat to the guys about the industry that they work in.  The aim of the show is to help up and coming bands and musicians get better and further in their careers, hopefully avoiding many of the pitfalls, and gaining insight to best practice.  They get recommendations from people who have been there and done it, and you might find some advice that helps you.   Here's what they say...

"...We talk music bands, how to's, interviews, setups.....its all about making music, getting information out news, gig news and gear news...promotions, festivals, what happens behind the scenes..."

Find interviews with  Festival Organisers, Radio DJ's, Interviewers, Producers, Studio Owners, Seasoned and Up & Coming Musicians.  Check out some below with Ricky Warwick, Nathan James, MMH Radio, ERB Magazine & Radio, Myke Gray, Rockin' The Bowl Festival, Wildfire & Bloodstock Festivals and many more.

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MICHAEL STARR (Steel Panther)


Nathan James


ERB (Emerging Rock Bands Radio/Magazine)